AT&T users who are the owners of the HTC One XV will begin to see 4.1 jelly bean updates arriving over the air as of today. These upgrades can go for several weeks as they do the rounds to all devices, so if you don’t get yours yet you have several options.

One option is to wait it out and be patient. The other thing you can do is download it manually once it becomes available. We should cover that once it comes out. As of now there is no link for this.

The news comes directly from HTC themselves. To get a full description you can head here. It has a build number of 2.21.502.1.

Why do I want this update? Along with the normal improvements and bug fixes you can also expect to find cool new features like Google Now, and extra work done to the Google notifications which is always nice. You will also get enhancements to the latest LTE on the mobile. In addition HTC’s own Sense is boosted up to Sense 4+ which will change the way owners see the user interface. Inside you will find a new gallery application and a battery saver mode that aims to increase battery performance.

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