It’s time for some more lotto! When will this version of Jelly Bean arrive into your phone? It could be today, it could be tomorrow, but one thing’s for sure: it will be at least another few days until you can download this any other way. Knowing well and good that is true, many people often just prefer to wait out the extra time since they have already been sitting around for three days. Others are not so inclined to do such a thing. We have actually stopped doing the guides for these kind of updates due to website issues we seem to encounter when we do them. There will be many other sites who will be dealing out the tutorials for you to follow through. There isn’t anything different to this one than the last so if you have any experience in updating already you shouldn’t have any problems going by your own knowledge. As usual when you say a sentence like that it will result in a few people thinking they can do it when they really have no idea what they are doing just because I didn’t issue out big warning signs. To those people I would argue, please don’t do that. It can lead to bricking if you do it wrong.

Samsung had just released the official 4.2.2 jelly bean firmware for the Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE. The update has begun rolling out OTA, which means most of you can expect it to come into the settings of yours. Estimated time of arrivals is anywhere from now to a couple of weeks from now.

There are heaps of positives to take away from a firmware build, such as this one. It is known right across the board as being better than the last version. There is literally not a soul in town that would tell you otherwise. Yes, some people have a personal connection to an older software, but when you use it you can see it’s better. The performance is a botch up from anything else we’ve seen come out so far. The UI looks great and has noticeably improved. Everything works smoothly. There are no stoppages or loading problems and in terms of the bigger scale it could be right up there with the best OS in the world for its time.

You can also connect the N5120 model Galaxy Note to the computer and updating via Samsung KIES. The manual update file will become available soon by Samsung’s website. That’s all of your options for updating now. Remember, if you are running a custom ROM the KIES version will not work for you because it won’t be recognized. It should, however, be OK to do, whether the tablet is rooted or not.

This Android 4.2.2 update brings multiple user accounts, added lock screen widgets, new screen savers along with new settings. There should also be a bunch of other little features in store.

The multiple user feature was one which we originally heard about during the release of the latest Android firmware. It will let you create a different account on the one device, making different settings for families easier to control, as well as keeping your own things separate.

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