The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is a tablet that started its journey into the wild on Android 4.4 Kitkat and today a new firmware build, namely P905VVRUANE4 updates it to a much newer Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. While it is a good upgrade that carries many features with it over the previous build it’s still a while off where we know some other tablets are now with 4.4.4 and the final stage before Android L presents itself. The good news is that the last two updates were much smaller in size and once you get passed this number there isn’t much to look forward to anyway.

The Pro 12.2 tablet came out for Verizon and AT&T and this new OTA software update is strictly for the Verizon model only. The key features inside the P905VVRUANE4 build are a bunch of new applications and widgets listed below:

Android KitKat

Verizon Cloud
– version

My Verizon
– 10.0.676

VZ Navigator

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Widget
– 1.0.357.0

Amazon Appstore
– 9.0003.638.0C

Amazon Audible
– 1.5.6

Amazon IMDB
– 4.2.3

Amazon MP3
– 3.0.6

Amazon Shopping
– 5.50.8110

It also comes with a slew of other features including a new size to the New York Times widget, Google search 3×1 is taken away and Verizon Messages changes its name to Messages+. They’re also new features implemented such as Samsung WatchOn 4×3, Hancom Office 4×3 and Drive scan.

As you can see, there’s lots of changes that will make the UI look different when you switch on next time. Make sure you backup all of your data before starting the installation so that you don’t lose any data if something goes wrong. The internal memory will not be wiped naturally. It is more a precautionary measure.

Be on the lookout for a system notification automatically alerting you when it arrives over the air. If you don’t like waiting for the OTA, there is not much you can do about it because it does come out in batches at a time. However, if you feel it might be waiting and you want to check simply navigate to Settings > About tablet > Software updates > Check for updates and you can take a glance at it from there. Moreover, if you do see the notification, but choose to reject it at the moment, this time you will need to manually follow the steps I mentioned in order to install it at a later date. It will not come back again as a notification.

In addition to everything I mentioned the Big Red have more surprises in store for people to see. There is a fix for the bug found in the Calendar app, security is better, Science stability is better and the technology content and home screen widget comes more stable than before.

Furthermore, there is extra support for PIN, passwords, biometrics and pattern. Users can wipe data remotely via the auto/remote wipe feature for the SD card when performing a factory reset.

We recommend using a stable WiFi connection to download the update with instead of using the mobile data. The data plan costs more if you go over the limit and the reception isn’t as reliable. It will result in potential stall and longer download times for most people.

Source: Verizon Wireless software update

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