While the Google Play Store is lovely and convenient, it does have some major flaws in the system and the main one that people dislike it Google knowing everything about you. Personally, I don’t have any issue with Google advertisements being targeted to my needs; I see a reason for that and frankly I prefer them being for me compared to just random. However, a developer that goes by the name of Jackpf has developed a new tool called APK Downloader, and it means that you can install applications without needing Google Play Services. Normally it is these services that are the requirements to get the apps available on Google Play.

Everybody knows there are other places that host app, but sometimes developers put restrictions on where they want their apps distributed. With this Downloader nearly all the same apps that you would normally find at Play Store only participants are now available without the Google’s services at all. Quite a remarkable achievement for somebody who only has a few posts over at XDA Developers.

APK Downloader


How useful is this idea? Like I already mentioned, for me it’s bogus because I have no issue with knowing me or my data and I certainly don’t mind them using that information to advertise. I have come to love the banner advertisement at the worst of times. Nonetheless, I want ads that better suit me. I’m sure there are people with the same thoughts as me and I’m sure there are others who share the same options to the developer who came up with the APK. From an ideas point alone the new tool looks fantastic as long as it remains above-board and doesn’t turn into something that the Mountain View company take offense to.

The new app is available coincidentally from the Play Store here and is ready to download right away. With it you can use the framework ID along with a Google account to activate the software.

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