The Verizon version of the HTC one has just gotten an update with the build number of 1.10.605.10. Unlike the other ones of late, this one does come with some new things you will want to look out for.

ISIS mobile wallet is a new feature that is coming to most mobiles soon enough, and it is one of the new things this particular update has in store for the HTC One. When using it you can pay for your things with your phones, no proper wallet required. It had seemed like Android wasn’t a big fan of this idea recently, but HTC believes it isn’t going anywhere soon it would seem.


Much of the wariness from the Google front was the fact that no shops seem to be making any effort in being able to support this, even if you did have it on your smart phone. For that very reason, it’s hard to say what this update has in store, because, well, we haven’t seen any reports of it in action.

The other thing to look out for is the new internet accessibility mode that is an entirely new feature of this cell phone.

There were so screen freeze issues with the previous firmware which have been fixed also.

This building has begun its rollout already, and there is not yet any word on whether the manual file will become available at all. Sources are saying they don’t expect it to work even if it was to be brought out that way.