The Nokia Lumia 929 has been confirmed as coming to Verizon, and shoppers will be able to buy it before the Christmas holiday season is kicking off later this year.

This time of the year is the crazy time, as many manufacturers are beginning to dish out their holiday season range of mobile phones. Over the next few weeks we are set to see many smart phone announcements, and the first one worth picking up one out of the Windows Phone range is this Nokia Lumia 929.

The 929 is an affordable middle of the range phone. The screen size was earlier rumored to be a whopping 6 inches, however, we can confirm that is not the case anymore. Instead, it has dropped down to a much more respectable 5 inches. Five is still big though for an average mobile. To put that into perspective, The current iPhone is 4.3 inches.

The price for the Lumia 929 is $500 off-contract. That price will drop to around the standard $99 on a 2 year contract plan.

That is about all we can confirm for now. There has been no official release date given for this device as of yet. Some sources are saying they expect it to become available from carrier midway through November. Others have it being released early November for Verizon, but we would not be so confident in assuming that rumor is true just yet.

The picture below is an image of a real one brought to you be Ev Leaks.