When you first start using torrents you will soon realize you need to download a torrent client to host the files and download them in for the system to work. You might see advertisements as part of endorsement deals attached to the files you are downloading which lead you to a certain client. Many of them are not very good and after trying many out myself, the one I felt most comfortable with was uTorrent. The numbers also show that because it is the most popular peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. uTorrent never gave me any hassle, the files downloaded ideally, it didn’t try and trick me into downloading anything I didn’t want to have, and the advertisements were very small. It also supports many file types including SSL, UDP, DHT, protocol encryption, UPnP and it even supports RSS feeds.

uTorrent Android


If we were to nitpick, the user interface has never been aesthetically pleasing, and although we completely understand it is about how it works and not how it looks, it is nice to see them change the design in this new 2.0.3 updates for Android handsets. There’s also performance enhancements that make it even better than the last version and some extra features we have not seen before. The new features are to help those downloading with more flexibility with what they choose to do. Now you can change the way you wish to delete torrents, and decide where you want your torrents to be stored before starting the download process.
Anyone using Android 2.3 Gingerbread and up can download it here from the Google Play Store.

As a refresher, uTorrent for Android was first started in early 2012 and by September of 2012, it had become the world’s best BitTorrent client application. It only took another month before it was released as a beta app for the Windows Phone. Since then it has racked up over 10 million downloads for Android-based devices alone.