One of the things we like most about using apps is how simplified they can make certain aspects of life. For example, earlier today my mother wanted me to unplug a computer so that a different one could be plugged in which then gave me a chance to look up and print various recipes. That is way harder than opening her iPhone, clicking on Google and typing in the subject name + recipe in the end and if she had of done that, she would have found some fantastic content ready to be viewed. It eliminated the need for paper, pens, storage, and most of all the time it would have taken to do it this way.

Paper iPad

Something that I had never thought was possible is taking away the concept of sketching on paper and creating this from the application instead. Advertised by developers ‘Fifty Three’ as “the easiest way to create on iPad,” Paper lets you draw, take notes and distribute them across the web. This one is not for the kids though, as it will give you a vast array of different effects, colors, paint brushes and visuals that will blow your mind and let your create drawings you would never have thought was possible. It comes in much detail, and it is available for being downloaded for free from iTunes on the app store. It does have many in-app purchases that range from $1.99 to $6.99 which is where it makes its money.

It is not brand new, but it has just been updated with a new UI that goes well with iOS 7. In addition to this, drawing is made even easier with two new drawing tool changes. The main idea behind the both of them is to let users draw even better and focus on the little details better than they could before by making painting easier when zooming.

Download Paper here for the iPad. It only works if you are running iOS 7 or later.