We have just shown you how to enable Cortana from the Microsoft Edge browser so you can use the virtual assistant to help with browsing information on the web like weather reports, stock prices and so forth. Those examples that we mentioned in the earlier posts were just some basic examples of what she can do.

The following guide is going to prove to you one of Cortana’s other tricks that she is capable of doing online: show the lyrics to the music that is playing on YouTube when you have the YouTube website playing a clip. When browsing YouTube and watching music videos, you can often find one version of the video that shows the official film clip that is made for it and another version which is lyrics.

The lyric version does not show the film clip. Instead, it has been developed to show the lyrics rolling down the display. The only thing is that the artist does not professionally do these lyrics. They are created by whoever made the video and they are usually very bland, to say the least. So whether you want better-looking lyrics coming up on your display, or you just aren’t able to locate a video that comes with lyrics, the following guide that teaches you how to get Cortana to show them for you can solve your problems.

Using Cortana to show lyrics for music videos on YouTube

1. Open the Edge browser and type the YouTube.com homepage.

2. Search for the music video that you would like Cortana to find the lyrics.

3. Click on the blue Cortana icon that is located in the URL address bar which is going to give you the Cortana access.


4. A new pop-up comes up on the display where Cortana is showing you the details of the song that is playing as well as the lyrics directly beneath it.


The video shows Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in the example, and you can bet that just about anything by Queen will be covered. Some of the more alternative music that is less popular might struggle to get a response from Cortana, and anything that is less popular than traditional alternative style is almost sure to have been passed up by the virtual assistant. Nevertheless, the feature should work for the vast majority of users as it stands today and there is always hope that people are working behind the scenes to revamp Cortana.