Sony brought out a series of media applications, one of which is the Movies app for Xperia smartphones and on the 10th of April it received a big update to version 6.2.A.0.8 that many of you should upgrade to when the chance comes for several reasons.

First, if you want an updated look this will give a new UI that looks like the The Xperia Z2 Video then this is the apk file you want to download. The other changes include a finger control gesture by pinching the screen, a right swipe gesture to open the drawer. Both of these will pinch-to-zoom also. It gives quicker access to the drawer menu and that creates a better user experience. Because Xperia makes devices that are different sizes it is not always easy to read the description on one device like it might be on the other. To tackle this concern Sony have made the zoom feature so that users can use their fingers and zoom in or out. It will work by pinching as I mentioned earlier and not by double tapping like we see it works on our site. The reason the swipe is a better option than tapping is because it will not fit the screen properly. Many descriptions are of different length and it does not make sense to do this for them. To top it all off there is also new and improved player control where users can easily find the right scene they want to watch instead of flicking through chapters.

Sony Movies Xperia


Movie fans will love this as it gives “Movies Unlimited” and so many of the latest films out of Hollywood you will know everything there is to know about feature films in the modern era. It also offers the chance to look at all of the videos on your device by popping them up on the home screen.

The other two apps including WALKMAN  and Albums inside the media series have not received a similar update as of yet and Sony has no said anything about whether we should be expecting them to come soon. There is every chance they are deliberately waiting to see what users think of the new look, and changes so that they can experiment further with design and stay on much the same path.

At the same time, another update has come to Xperia devices called video unlimited 11.B.0.4 and it makes changes to the TV Shows now being listed on the display.

Download it all from this APK link here.

If you want to learn more about these apps you can check out the Sony Entertainment Network or the apps and services page. Moreover, if you know people using Blackberry devices Cackle has officially been introduced on the Blackberry 10 and is streaming movies and TV shows for free. That happened just ahead of when Richard Branson, owner of Virgin, decided it was a good idea to show people a multi-player smartphone game for folks who arrived at the movies early. Sony have not been without their special deals either. They originally were running a 60-day free music pass that also involved 5 free movies for Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and Tablet Z owners in November of 2013.