Dating back to when we were youngsters Microsoft office was used by everyone. Its versatility and different combinations of software meant that anyone from school projects to business owners had a purpose to use parts of the office as PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. However, when the mobile boom hit a few years back, office has not seemed very practical to use at all from smartphones and tablets. QuickOffice for Android changes all of that.

Quick office has been around for a while, but it has not been all smooth sailing and this new version of the app comes with bug fixes and improvements that make it better than the last iteration. As if it was not hard enough for human with no disabilities, those that are visually impaired struggle immensely with trying to work around these programs on such a small screen and this new version has brought in added benefits to aid them. Furthermore, there are UI improvements and changes as well as extra support for keyboards.

Google Window logo


Google knows how important Office is to people and that is why Google Inc. are the developers behind this one. It has been made from the same creators as Google +, Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Street View and more so you know it has been developed by the best in the business.

We have two different versions you can download today: the APK here and the official app here from the Google Play Store. As an added bonus, there is also extra support made for the older versions of Ice Cream Sandwich and jelly Bean so it will be better to use for them than the older version was.