Verizon has passed out an OTA update for the Galaxy tab 2 10.1. This one brings in three brand new, never seen before features with it. The update has been given the baseband of I915VRBMH3 and the build number of JZ054K.I915VRBMH3.

The new features include Ethernet connection abilities, games or apps can now be pushed over to the SD card and a message app.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

This tablet was popular for gamer’s, but it only came in two different memory sizes — the 16 and 32GB. If you’re a gamer, you will know that is not much size. If it’s good games it may only be around 20 of them before the bigger sized memory unit is full.


That will be all you can do in terms of internal memory. With external memory, however, you can now use this SD card that comes with the device to keep your extra games on there, so there will be a need to erase any of the older one’s.

That about all for this one. You will want to note that the Ethernet cable will need to have an adapter to use it. The reason behind that little debacle is that when both of the Tab 2 types of tablet were released, they didn’t come with any type of Ethernet port on the side. Therefore, how are people suppose to use it? You can’t without an adapter.

To add further insult to injury the Samsung website doesn’t seem to be selling any kind of solution for this. Presumably one will come in soon enough if they are including it as a feature.