Today it’s time for the HTC One X to get in on the latest 4.2.2 Jelly Bean goodness. Much like the others, this too will come with the added security patch to fix a vulnerability found the other week. It is also known as the final build for the CyanogenMod 10.1, meaning there shouldn’t be any more updates on the way until we see a whole new version of the ROM.

Everybody gets a warranty when they first buy a phone. This warranty is a standard time, which is normally 12 months or it is an extended warranty or more like 18 months. If you are following this guide within that time you need to understand that the warranty will be gone. There is only one way to get this back and that is to take away the root access again. When we do this it cannot be traced that you had done anything before, and that’s why you can use it again. However, if your warranty period is up already, then there is no fix for this. Performing this operation and then taking it off again will not work any tricks for you.

CM Unicorns

The procedure:

Step 1. Download CM10.1 HTC One S custom ROM, as well as the Google Gapps.

Step 2. Using the USB cable which came with your device, connect the HTC One S to the Windows PC. Transfer the file you downloaded before to the SD card.

The root guide will take away all the information that was once stored on your phone. Even things like apps will be gone. This is why you want to take a moment here to back it up. Do a separate backup of each of your things so there is no regrets. It’s also a good idea to keep this a regular thing for you so once you leave here, try to remember how you did it so you can do it again without any guide needed to help you.

Step 3. Boot the phone back up in what is known as fastboot mode. To do this simply press volume down and the power button simultaneously.

In Fastboot, navigate to android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory on your computer and open Command Prompt.

Type the following and confirm it by hitting enter: ‘fastboot flash boot boot.img’

Type the following and confirm it by hitting enter: ‘fastboot reboot’

Type the commands without the inverted commas.

Step 4. You should now be inside ClockworkMod Recovery. It’s time to wipe the data from the device. This step is very important when you are installing any custom ROM.

Step 5. Once you have wiped the phone data, scroll down the page until you see flash zip from SD card and select it. To select simply press the power button to confirm the process.

Step 6. Press the power button one more time, but this time select the option “choose zip from SD card.” From here you will need to look for the Android 4.2.2 ROM zip file. Again, just press the power button to confirm the process once you have found it.

Repeat the process for the Gapps package.

Step 9. Once done, navigate back to the main recovery screen and select reboot system now. Reboot it and the job’s done.

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