The Android L release is just around the corner happening sometime this fall for people in the US after being announced back in June at the Google I/o event. However, we know that piles of software updates are still coming in for the KitKat builds that many phone carriers are still choosing to update with bug fixes, small tweaks and extra features. Although still part of the chocolate name, the 4.4.4 is the last stage before we jump up to the fresher Android L and is ahead of many other devices that are still running 4.4.2 instead.

As cited, the manual update is perfect for those people with no patience and do not want to spend days or even weeks waiting for the OTA notification to arrive in the settings panel. Moreover, we know that this method is great for people with root access since they do not receive any over the air signal anymore until they return back to a version of stock software issued from Samsung. That said, don’t fear if you do have the OS unchained because we do know that the firmware file will work just the same regardless of what work you have done to the phone. Just understand that flashing stock will wipe all Custom ROM and root access away until it is applied back over the top at a later date following on from completing the steps listed below.

Android 4.4

  • During the directions will use a special application called Odin that is only available for Windows PC operating systems ranging from XP through to Windows 8. people can flash firmware on different operating systems but just not with the Odin app. Search the XDA Developers Forum for alternate methods if you cannot use anything but the Mac OS X or Linux machine. Furthermore, we want to temporarily disable any spyware, malware and antivirus protection on the computer and the Galaxy S4 so neither interfere with what we are doing.
  • Verify that the USB Debugging Mode is enabled and the USB Drivers are up to date and in perfect working order. Most owners will have the luxury of the USB charging feature working when they plug their handsets into the computer, laptop or notebook of their choice to get the job done. However, not all people will. If you do not notice the mobile is charging up from the status bar menu when it’s turned on and plugged into the USB slot during the steps, make sure you have at least 505 battery power to see through the guide without it shutting down.
  • The custom recovery images and root are not required to follow this guide. This is all above-board and issued by the official Samsung team. They want you to flash manually as much as the next company. In addition, those who did will find their warranty become good again and work like it should as long as it is not used up. many companies only issue the manufacturers warranty for 12 months or 24 months, depending on the smartphone brand, the model and the country of origin. Check what your local phone shop says about yours if you are unsure of the results.
  • These steps are only made for the M919 model variant, of the galaxy S4 and should not be used for any other. If you do not know your model number head to the Settings . About Device section and take a look.
  • These updates come out to improve the overall OS of the previous build and often come with solutions to bugs, lag, stability issues and so on. However, new builds can also come with some of their own. Since this is brand new we do not know what is inside and therefore if you would rather wait instead of be the pioneer you can check the forums or comments to see how other people’s experiences have gone for them so far. Do remember that this is official and tested by Samsung themselves extensively so there’s no reason to wait. people can download with confidence and install it on their daily drive.

How To Install UVUFNH7 Android 4.4.4 KitKat on the Samsung galaxy S4 for T-Mobile Subscribers

  1. Download the M919UVUFNH7 firmware file here to the desktop of the computer.
  2. Download Odin 3.09 here.
    – extract the file and have it open and waiting for the desktop.
  3. Turn the S4 off completely.
  4. Boot it up in Download Mode
    – press Volume Down + Power + Home at the same time.
  5. Fetch the USB wire from the phone charger.
  6. Plug the device in so that each end is connected and Odin picks it up by showing the message “added”.
    – also notice the ID: COM port turning yellow or blue.
  7. Click the AP button and upload the M919XXDLJ5_M919ODDDLI7_INU.tar.md5 file.
  8. Wait for the file extension to show up properly before continuing.
  9. Leave the default settings the way they are including Auto reboot and F reset Times options on.
  10. Click the start button to commence the flashing.
  11. Wait until it finishes.
    – do not touch any buttons at the mean time.
  12. Close down the Odin app after a “pas” messages shows on the screen.
  13. Stop the USB Mass Storage device before disconnecting the S4 from the computer.