There are countless sites on the Internet which allow you to host your files for free. When you upload a file to any of this site, you get a URL for that file. You can share this URL with others so they can download your file. Sites like RapidShare and Hotfile have been providing this service for a long time. On both the sites, you can upload and download the files.

It is easy to download the file from any of the above-listed site, but there is one restriction, the waiting time. When you go to any download link to these sites, you need to wait for some time to start the file download. You can remove this restriction by buying the Paid accounts on these sites.


Internet Download Manager, on the other hand, is the most used Download manager worldwide. With IDM, you can download files more faster than the browser downloader and allows you to download multiple files simultaneously. If you want to download files from Rapidshare and Hotfile with IDM, you will need to add these sites’ login credentials in the IDM to start the download. Here is a guide on how you can add the login credentials in IDM to enable file downloading from the above-listed sites.

First of all, open the Internet Download Manager software on your PC. You can start it either from the desktop icon or the Start menu.

After opening the software, just click on Downloads>>Options option. Then, a dialog box will appear. There are some tabs in the dialog box, among them you have to choose the Sites Logins tab.

Here, you can add the logins of any site you want to download the file from. It shows you the logins of the sites you have added previously. It will show empty, otherwise. Now, click on New to add the login for a site.

That will open a dialog box where you have to enter the site URL as well as username and password. In the first field, type the URL of the site, e.g., After that, Fill the Username and the Password in the appropriate fields, you will need to enter the password twice. After filling all the fields correctly, click on OK button.


That is it. You have now successfully added the logins for the site. Now, when the IDM starts a download and if the site asks for the login, it will provide the login details to the site which you have added. It saves your time from entering the logins all the time you download something from that site.

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