CyanFox is a custom Rom we haven’t yet had the pleasure of covering, mainly because it was brought out especially for Android 4.3 only. With so few devices running the new firmware, this is the first time we came across it.

From all reports we are seeing, the CyanFox is a nice build. The team has in its description that it is light weight and that is something that goes underrated and these days is at the top of my personal preference list. If A Rom is light, then it will work fast and promptly compared to a heavier version, which may experience some lag. This generally results in a less productive time, because it simply takes longer to do things.


Other benefits include the battery life. When applications and tasks work more efficiently so will your battery. This will improve short-term and long-term battery life expectancy. If you head over to the team Google +, you will see a member that has posted a screenshot showing how good his battery usage has been.

As the name suggests, it also works off of the CyanogenMod side of things. In this particular instance, the version it uses is the Cyanogen 10.2 sources. Those are also very new and nice to have running.

Being a brand new Rom, they are expecting to release more cool features to it over the next few months. Hopefully this Rom keeps getting made well into the future, because it looks like a real beauty so far.



  • Following this guide and installing a custom ROM will void the warranty of your device.
  • Even though this has been safely tested many times by the developers and it is considered safe, it isn’t a stock ROM and it won’t be as stable as what you would expect to find in a bought phone. If you need your mobile for work, you might want to reconsider following this.
  • This guide has been specially made for the S2 I9100 only and it isn’t compatible for others that we know of. If you want to try it on another device other than the one we have listed you need to get in contact with the developers website and check for compatibility. There’s a risk of bricking the device if it is not made for it.
  • Enable USB debugging by going to Settings > About Phone > Developer options. All Android handsets running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later have the new develop options which makes accessing this mode easier than before.
  • There’s no use starting until you have the Samsung USB drivers. Download and install them from here.
  • If you want to learn more about the CyanFox team you can check out their Google Plus page here.


How To Install The CyanFox Custom ROM On Android 4.3 Jelly Bean For The Samsung Galaxy S2

1. Download the Android 4.3 CyanFox package from here.

2. Download Google Gapps here.

3. Plug the Galaxy S2 into the computer desktop.

4. Shift the two files to the SD card of the S2.

5. Boot into recovery.

6. From inside recovery, do your wipes of the cache partition and do a wipe data factory reset.

7. Use the go back option and from the main screen, select install from SD card.

8. Install both of the files.

9. Back to the original main screen, select reboot system now.

10. Always disconnect your phones properly by right clicking on the USB icon in the taskbar. Now click on the USB options and select ‘stop’ to stop the device properly. Now it will prompt you when disconnecting is safe. This will avoid any data corruption from taking place.