Breaking Bad star Walter White had an alter-ego named Heisenberg from his ‘cooking’ days and today people can update their Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s to the new Heisenberg ROM. The ROM is loosely based off of the AOKP that stands for Android Open Kang Project. It was once thought about as the biggest rival to Cyanogenmod with many considering it even better because of the extensive features.

Furthermore, the new ROM is based on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat that is the main update carried out after the beginning of the chocolate software. The stock 4.4.2 brings several UI improvements and OS enhancements, cloud printing, color Emoji support, Location menu, transparent status and navigation bars, immersive mode, full screen album and media art and a camera app widget to the lock screen. In addition, we have support for NFC-based transactions, Samsung native app updates, Samsung Keyboard improvements and pre-loaded Beats Music.

Heisenberg custom ROM

Moreover, the Heisenberg ROM brings a back button to close apps, kernel modifications, TRDS dark switch, exclusive AOKP features, OmniSwitch, Halo, notifications from the lock screen, wake lock block, active display and my favorite ADB paranoia mode. In addition to this, there’s the lock screen blur, system app remover, density charger, animations, Google dialer, Lookup, partition information, the battery bar, NFC polling mode and more.

  • Use this post for the N900 variant of the Note 3 only. You can check the model number by navigating to the ‘About Device’ menu from the settings to double-check. Using the guide for another device runs the risk of bricking.
  • Bricking can be fixed in most cases, if your d3evice needs fixing, but we do not provide that training here. Look on the XDA Developers forum for assistance.
  • The smartphone has to be rooted before starting. Without unchaining the OS we cannot install any type of custom ROM or recovery system; thus making it impossible to steer away from stock software.
  • Whenever operating anything custom we like to recommend taking NANDroid backups instead of using applications such as Helium and Titanium from the Google play store. Many will choose to go with their own method for backups and that is fine. if there is a way you are most conformable with then that is fine.
  • – make copies of the contacts, call logs, SMS and MMS messages, music from various artists, photos of your friends and family, market apps and more.
  • – if you need extra storage space, try signing up to the Google Drive service. They currently offer 15 GB of free space. After the allocated space is used, it becomes a paid service.
  • – the Note 3 starts with 64 GB built-in internal space to store data. That is enough for most people, but not all. If you need more there’s two MicroSD/ microSDHC storage expansion options with memory cards. The slots already exist in the back of the phone for this treatment.
  • Temporarily disable any antivirus such as Ad-aware free, Anvi smart defender, Avast!, AVG, Avira and so on from the Android-based OS and the computer. We will connect to the computer briefly to transfer the files.
  • Make sure you have enough battery power to see through the guide. We are not connected to the computer for all the guides so the USB charging feature will not get us out of trouble. The Note 3 comes with 25 hours talk-time, 22 days standby time, 21 hours talk-time using the 3G network and 15 days standby time for the 4G network. All that combined with a 3200 mAh battery was terrific when brand new but most people will have owned this handset for nearly a full year now so the results may not be the same as they once were. Give it enough juice so that it doesn’t shut down until after the guide finishes.
  • A full factory reset is required to wipe all the data previously installed on the handset. Its paramount you backup before starting or else the data will be lost.
  • Tutorials for custom firmware should always be done by advanced users. If you are a rookie try to have somebody with you that has some experience in the area.

How To Update The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900 With The Heisenberg AOKP Custom ROM Based On Android 4.4.2 KitKat Firmware

1. Download the Heisenberg ROM file here.
– use the desktop if you are willing to delete the file soon after
– use the C: Drive if you want to keep it for longer than a day

2. Download the Google Gapps pack here for CyanogenMod 11.

3. Fetch the USB cable
– look at the wire connecting the phone charger if you can’t find it.

4. Connect one end of the wire to the computer system unit and the other end of the USB wire to the Note 3.

5. Transfer both of the files over to the handset with the copy and paste feature.

6. Turn the device off.

7. Boot it up in Recovery Mode from ClockworkMod recovery.
– press Home + Power + Volume Up at the same time to enter the mode.

8. Select wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition and wipe off your dalvik cache from the advanced menu

9. Choose to ‘install zip from SD card’ followed by ‘choose zip from SD card’ and upload the files.

10. Make sure you transfer both the ROM and the Gapps pack.

11. Select ‘reboot system now’ and it will finish after it resets.

12. Visit the “safely remove hardware” icon in the system tray.

13. Stop the USB Mass Storage device before disconnecting.