Course HeroI use the website Course Hero to study. However, when I view articles, they are often blurred. What am I supposed to be doing to unblur the content? Resolution:

Course Hero is one of the most popular self-help websites with a wide range of study resources. Much of the content you open is free to read, but as you work your way down the page, the content may be blurred in sections. This is not a fault by the Course Hero website but rather an intentional locking of the content because it doesn’t want you to view it until after you join the website as a subscriber or member.

Course Hero gives several methods for creating an account: via Facebook, Google, Apple, or email. By just logging in with an account, it may unblur the content you are looking for, or it may still be locked behind a subscription fee. Thus, in order to unlock that content, you would need to become a paid member.

Yes, we have seen the supposed workaround solutions for inspecting elements on the webpage and coming up with clever tricks to bypass the membership; however, we do not recommend going down this route. Stealing content for starters may be against the law and can be a serious crime. Also, most of the time these workarounds only work for so long before the website owners find out about the tricks and then do what is required to cover them up so they no longer can be exploited. It will likely be the best option to simply subscribe and become a member.