Paramount PlusI have been trying to watch Paramount Plus on PlayStation 5 for years. It’s particularly frustrating because I can see Paramount Plus available for the older PlayStation 4, and yet it’s not available for the PS5. Resolution: 

You cannot download Paramount Plus on PS5 yet. However, there is a workaround. According to Redditor GeneralPokey, you can download Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime Video on the PS5. Here is what they said:

It is still available through Amazon Prime Video on the PS5. It’s listed under your channels as Paramount Plus inside the Prime Video app. If you sign up outside of Amazon Prime you might have to link it first. I had CBS All Access through prime so it just turned into P+

One follow up commenter has cofirmed that Paramount Plus is still on there.

We have been researching this topic for over an hour, and can see people have been waiting for years for Paramount Plus to arrive on PS5. Though frustrating, many conclude that it is only a matter of time now before it does arrive. But since people have been waiting years already, we can’t say a release is immenent necessrily. Thank goodness for that workaround.

In conclusion, people have been waiting for years and Paramount Plus is still not yet available on PS5. However, a Redditor has given a working alternative: you can download it through Amazon Prime Video. I hope that helps. And please leave comments if you have another source where readers can download Paramount Plus.