You can now see text suggestions starting from Windows 10 build 17035. The same software update also brings a new feature where Windows 10 will offer to autocorrect misspelled words for you on the hardware keyboard when text suggestions are available.

You can find this toggle to either turn it on or off from the Settings application.

How to Turn On/Off Autocorrect for Hardware Keyboard in Windows 10

You can turn the autocorrect for the hardware keyboard on or off from the Settings application in Windows 10. To get started, click on the Start menu > Settings > Devices and then click on the “Typing” link from the left side pane and scroll down the right side pane until you get to the toggle that says “Autocorrect misspelled words I type on the hardware keyboard when text suggestions are available.”

If there’s one feature that many people couldn’t live without when it comes to typing it would be autocorrect. If you don’t believe me just turn yours off for 24 hours and see how you go. This was originally going to be a bit of a problem for jobs like mine where I need to be more educated than others to succeed, and computers were taking away the need for the education side of things and doing it all for everyone instead. But it can be both a blessing and a curse: there’s little doubt that the constant use of autocorrect is making people forget how to spell and they would be exposed should they ever have to stop using it.

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