The Google’s Nexus 7 tablet was not just made for the web surfing and usual video watching things; it is far stronger than that. The tablet boasts a quad-core processor and only those of you who are gamers, know the real power of quad-core processors. The high-end gaming is not far away from the device, and you really can enjoy them on your Nexus 7 tablet. All you now have to do is to find out the perfect games that use all the resources available on your device and then produce some great contents on your screen. Sounds good? Huh, let me list out some of the best games for your Nexus 7 tablet so you can get started with gaming as soon as you finish reading this post.

Since the device runs on the Android Jelly Bean, here we have featured the Android Games that are available in the Google Play Store. Just hit up the link given below the game, and you will have it installed on your device. The games would be a bit large as compared to other smartphones. Here you go:

The Amazing Spiderman

Based on the latest iteration of the Spiderman movie, The Amazing Spiderman, the game takes you to the world where you have to save people from the enemies from being killed. If you have been a fan of Spiderman, you will probably like to play the game as you will be playing your favorite character’s role in the game. Use as much of your power as you can to get down those giants and save the city. The game doesn’t just end with killing enemies; you can also navigate through the city to see what is happening there. There is a whole lot of fun to explore, the following link will take you to the game page on Google Play. The game will set you back for $6.99 but it worth it.

Download: Amazing Spiderman [Google Play Link]

Dead Trigger

I reckon you are already having this game on your device if you are an addict to first person games. As the Nexus 7 has a Tegra 3 processor, the game will produce high-quality contents on your screen which you will like for sure. The game is all about the civilization that is soon going to end. An unknown virus has infected the people living in the world, and they are dying rapidly, you are the one who needs to prevent it from further happening. In the game, you will be killing the zombies that come across your way and that way the missions can be passed. As you pass more missions, the more zombies will come around. The game is all action-filled and if you can’t wait to get it running on your N7, use the following link to get it for free.

Download: Dead Trigger [Google Play Link]

Riptide GP

This game is for those who like Racing. If you do not like the games mentioned above, which are action games, then this one is going to win your hearts for sure. Consisting of Jet Skies and water, you will have to take the position number 1 to get through the missions. It is all speed that will help you do so and having control over it; you will reach your destiny as soon as before your opponents get there. The game will cost you $1.99, and it’s like nothing once you experience the real game.

Download: Riptide GP [Google Play Link]

The above three games are worth trying on your tablet to experience the vibrant graphics. Do so now and let us know how good the games are.

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