TrueCaller is an application that helps you find people across various countries using the phone number and name lookup. The application boasts of being the biggest mutual phone directory. It is available on iPhone, Android, Symbian as well as Blackberry. With 25+ million users around the globe, the popularity made people get TrueCaller for PC Download for Free and use it conveniently on their PCs, too.

Let us look at some of the promisings features that TrueCaller provides to you.

Name Lookup: This feature provides with an option where you can look out for people with just their name. This simple feature will help you search your long lost friends in the past.

Number Lookup: You can search any global number using this application with ease. You type in the number that you want to search in the search box of the application and get the desired results.

Call filter: The filter option will help you filter many unwanted or spam calls that you do not want to attend. You can add and edit numbers on this list.

Profile: Another interesting feature that TrueCaller provides is the option to create a profile. The app lets you be in control of your profile and the degree of access that others can have to your profile.

With all these amazing features, you can get TrueCaller for PC Download for Free and use it on your computer as well. Read on to know how.

You know that you cannot use an Android application on your PC just like any other software built for your PC. The compatibility matters here. However, an emulator program, BlueStacks will help you. It is available for free download on their website. You can install it on your computer by running the setup file right away after the download.

Methods to get TrueCaller for PC Download for Free

Through Emulator: Make sure that you have a working internet connection to get TrueCaller for PC Download for Free. Once you have the emulator on your PC, you need to open the same from the desktop icon. On BlueStacks, you will see a search box and type “TrueCaller for PC Download” on the search bar. BlueStacks will carry out the process of TrueCaller for PC Download for Free and install the same on your computer. You can open TrueCaller from the application menu of BlueStacks and run it on your PC.

Through apk File: Download the apk file of TrueCaller from the Google Play Store. After downloading the apk file, open the same with BlueStacks application. Now BlueStacks application will carry out the installation process. You will get a prompt after the installation process. The TrueCaller icon will appear in the application menu of BlueStacks. You can open TrueCaller from there and run it on your PC.

The overwhelming response from users around the globe made the application one of the top rated in US, Sweden, Denmark, Kuwait, and India many other countries. The option to get TrueCaller for PC Download for Free has added value to increased user experience.

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