The Titlespeak Cydia tweak is a new tweak available from the BigBoss Repo that in a Siri-like voice calls out the title of incoming banner notifications. This solves the age-old problem of banner notifications only really being of any use when the user is looking down at his or her iPhone or iPad. Sure, you can get a little ping, but when your device is being used in the car for a music player for example it can be a real hassle to find out what the notification actually is. TitleSpeak solves that problem.


TitleSpeak works by speaking out in a Siri like voice the actual main subject part of the banner notification which is exactly what you want so you won’t be left guessing any longer. TitleSpeak isn’t perfect, many would rather it read out the message in it’s entirety but the simple fact is the iPhones screen isn’t wide enough to cover it so TitleSpeak doesn’t either. Still, you’re not left guessing and many people would prefer it this way so your music isn’t interrupted while the voice over reads the entire message. A simple heads up on the topic would probably win the majority of votes and that’s what the TitleSpeak cydia tweak does.

Apart from being a great tweak for all of the jailbreakers who use their iPhones as music players in the car you can imagine the benefits this tweak would have for the visually impaired for example.

The bets part about TitleSpeak is that it’s a free of charge download. if you are interested in checking it out, it’s available from the BigBoss Repo.

Testing has been limited so far on iOS 6 but from what we have heard it works a treat on iOS 5.

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