Not to be confused with the original HTCLock cydia tweak that let users add some Android goodness to their iOS lock screens, as well as install the HTC design that allows users to open up certain apps before the lock screen is opened – the HTCLock Pro follows on from that original version. Made from the same developer, HTCLock Pro has that same goodness, but also more additional features to go along with it.

So what new features does the HTCLock Pro version hold? You will notice an entire overhaul in the app completely. It gives a much better user experience; things run smoother than ever and users can enjoy better battery performance and the app as a whole uses less memory on your device.


After downloading the Pro version the first thing users will notice is the difference in settings panels. The new settings panel lets users make all the changes they need directly from it. Everything is laid out really well in the new setting panel which lets users pick and choose really easily without getting confused along the way.

There’s one other difference in the Pro version when compared to the original HTC Lock version, and that is it now comes along with a price tag compared to the original app which was free. In saying that, the new Pro version is only $0.99 and when you can clearly see the developer has gone to a lot of trouble to completely revamp the app the price tag is easily justified.

You can download this HTCLock Pro app direct from the ModMyi repository. It is available for all version of iPhone.

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