If you were paying attention last week you would know that we covered a Sony Movies 8.0.A.0.4 update. Well, in a matter of days, the Japanese phone-maker has rolled out yet another incremental update for the Movies application, this time to version 8.0.A.0.6. Since the new phase came out in days, we know that it likely includes bug fixes and not much else. The file size for the new iteration is 12.5 MB. There’s no official change-log for this installment. If you were facing bugs from the last version it’s a great idea to install this right away. We always recommend installing updates over the home WiFi network and not the mobile data plan since the connection is more stable. However, being such a minor upgrade this time we don’t mind if you use the mobile data. Just remember the usual mobile data costs will come along with it and off your plan allowance.

Z Ultra

The newfangled version comes with ‘Movies Small App’ and more functions from the same player. To find the functions you must tap the ‘Open” icon and view several more features. Many people are complaining that the Movies Small App does not exist. However, you should know that Sony only released this for a small amount of Xperia-based devices. If you cannot find it on yours that means it is not supported at this time.

If you don’t want to visit the official Update Centre you can install the APK file from here.