Sony’s phone-discovery service is receiving a small incremental update to version 0.0.A.0.71. The innovative build number comes with an enhanced user experience and improvements to the performance of the software. The Japanese phone-maker does not mention anything else, including any bugs. If you were suffering from any bugs previously please leave a comment and tell us if they are fixed now. It appears as though the system is running flawlessly since there is no mention of any fixes, but there’s always room for performance tweaks which is exactly what they’ve done.

My Xperia is Sony’s way of letting users find their lost smartphone by using the positioning from maps. Additionally, users can lock the device after they lose it and even erase data that they can’t afford the world seeing. Some James Bond type stuff that every Xperia owner should check out when they get the chance.

Xperia ZR

If you head over to the official Update Centre, you should see this update is ready for installation. The file size is 4.6 MB, therefore don’t fret about finding a stable WiFi connection too much, although it is still the preferred method over the mobile data plan since others are downloading and installing the same update as you. That results in high data traffic and a less stable connection.

Are you using the newfangled iteration on your Xperia-based handset already? Let us know in the comments what you have found that’s different compared to the previous version.

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