Personally, I would choose texting over calling any day of the week. My location combined with my lack of a desire to talk leaves conversation with a tendency to not be as efficient as they probably could be. Insert text message here instead and all it takes is a quick once over to understand where I’m coming from. For the rest of the world, however, things are undeniably turned in favor of the talking instead. Many people wouldn’t even have text in the same conversation so to speak. So what happens if you have that person texting you and you want to reply back to talk? That can be achieved really quickly and easily. There’s two options for this: FaceTime and the usual phone call.

To get this done, we go into the same area for both of them. Tap on the original message and then select the contacts. From here there will be several logos or icons that appear from a drop down menu in green. The call icon will be furthest to the left, and it’s easy to see with the traditional phone logo. The FaceTime is right next door with an icon that resembles an old-school video camera more than anything else. No matter which one you want, all you have to do is tap it, and it will automatically start the call for each one.

If you click the information tab, which is the third one in the column, then you will get to choose from anything plus have the ability to add the contacts in yourself if they aren’t already existing in your account.

To do the FaceTime call, it should work as long as the recipient has already upgraded to iOS 7 because it is a built-in application for it — meaning that as long as you have iOS 7 it will be there on the persons menu already without a download required.

The FT app reached new heights when an NFL CB star, Brandon Carr from the Dallas Cowboys used it to watch the birth of his own son, since he couldn’t make it to the hospital in time. It’s a fitting example to fill the world in on how reliable it is, and also how nifty the connection quality is when using the application.

FT has been around for years, but it wasn’t until iOS 7 that saw the introduction to voice calling. It’s for that reason that many people with iPhone’s may not know about how this works just yet. Once you give it a try there should be no problems as it’s very simple to pick up.

Back in November there was a bug in the application, but it has since been removed when the IOS 7.0.4 rolled out. If you upgrade to this latest build by visiting your settings, then you should have no worries.