If there’s one thing that’s slightly scary about owning a mobile phone, it’s going over your data plan limits and being charged a fortune to pay the excess from the bill. Everybody had heard of at least one person who had gone over or not turned it off when travelling overseas and charged literally in the thousands to make up for it.

One of the common culprits that chews up a lot of data is applications, and it can sometimes be certain apps in particular as they all use different amounts each time they are on.

With this new application called “KnowMyApp” you can put this into the browser, and the website can find which apps are the problematic ones for your devices in their current state. With that knowledge you can simply turn them off or delete them so that it won’t be using the data anymore. The concept couldn’t be any simpler and the developing behind it couldn’t be any more complex. It’s the perfect recipe for a good quality app for all to use.

This site is brand new, and because of that, it isn’t fantastic at picking up each data culprit that you might use because it’s base-recordings haven’t been filled with that many of them yet. However, as the days go by, more and more will be ready to use so after a few months you will be able to have compatibility for just about anything. If you’re somebody who doesn’t use a great deal of apps, and just uses the main ones that everyone seems to be using these days, then you should have a high success rate for being able to use the new tool right away.

Via: KnowMyApp