Anything with the word Serpent in it has an element of mystique to it, so when we see a puzzle game with that name in it, it’s got to be good right? Well, no, not necessarily, but in this case, it’s possibly the best game we’ve tried. We are also fond of the Windows Phone and feel a bit sorry for it when it doesn’t ever get anything first. Luckily we have already built up a hard shell after watching Android suffer for so many years trailing behind iOS.

Yes, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles for these companies unfortunately because it’s the developers who dictate what they will be making and it’s the markets which will influence them. That’s why it’s so interesting to note that 9 Clues: The Secret Of Serpent Creek went all the way down to Windows Phone first, before it went to any of the others. This is highly unusual as Windows are notoriously slow off the mark in getting applications. They can sometimes be literally years behind and don’t be surprised to see a 12 month gap for the biggest apps out there. Just in the last few weeks we’ve detailed on at least 2 of them.

Looking a little deeper, the Redmond company has done an amazing job lately. A small taste of success has had them wheeling and dealing and becoming pioneers instead of a second class citizen. Were they the one’s that had something to do with this? It could be the case. There is nothing from stopping a company throwing some extra money on one of the biggest puzzle games in the genre and saying make it for us as long as it’s enough money to cover what they would have lost. The fact that this genre isn’t the most popular in the world could have played an important role.