As long as you don’t mind going off contract, all you will have to fork out is $49.99 for a brand new Lumia 520. The other condition is that you don’t mind being with phone carriers, AT&T.

Windows Phones are easy to understand because it goes by the numbers. The higher the digits the better a class it is. This one as you can see is around the middle to low end. Still, for what it is that is a very good price. Since earlier this year, the 520 has been known as the top-selling version of Windows phone.

The deal will only last until the end of this weekend after the sales finish. Tomorrow is of course the start of the popular Black Friday deals.

As a bit of an incentive to help twist your arm, there is some really cool apps that have just come to the Windows Phone. Every day it is getting closer to being a reputable platform if applications are your thing.

The best price this has been on sale for to date would come in at double of what this offer is. If you were to hunt around at other parts of the world, it is nearly X4 in price in some countries.

If you’ve got kids or aren’t that old yourself and are looking for a phone that won’t accumulate bills all the time, this is the perfect fit for you.

Just the other day Amazon Prime were offering this same handset for $69.99. The brands are clearly trying to out-do each other to steal the business, but it’s hard to imagine the price dropping lower than what it is now anywhere else. If you are shopping take up this offer.

There’s also an FM receiver that works with it.