Normally a NEC fan, I must admit I was left a bit speechless after the first glance of this new mobile entry. It does come with two things a certain crowd will find appealing though — a keyboard and durable shell. Going out on a limb here and assuming the name terrain is because it appears as though it is built to be the army tank of mobiles. Hardly sleek and modern, but it does master its craft for what it is meant for. That can only be judged on looks so far as the mobile is brand new and never been tested.

Specs can be seen without a trial run, and after a review of what this phone possesses, there isn’t much that is all that great. Its camera will not be winning any awards — front or rear — and the display is in the same boat. We do know that this was not what this phone was made for though. Its selling point is its ability to knock down houses and cars in its wake. Well, none of that confirmed, we can only go by appearance. Other downsides include a fairly old operating system.

It’s becoming clear what market this device is targeted in terms of market share. Basically, if you don’t really have a clue what’s in your hand half the time anyway, you are not fussy and you don’t want to spend your time caring for your phone (and you like keyboards) then this device might be the perfect one for you.