The Croods version 1.3.0 is available to download via this APK for Android devices.

When I was younger, one of my favorite TV shows only went for a few minutes a night. The show I’m talking about is “Gogs” and it was hilarious and very crude. When viewing the previews for this game, it very much reminded me of the same thing, only much newer in looks.

This version of the Croods is loosely based off of the movie.

The Croods

The game comes from Rovio who are the same developers behind the most popular app franchise in history, Angry Birds. Rovio has managed to bring over some of their lessons learned and wealth of knowledge into this new “The Croods” hit game. The application itself will be free for all to play. That instantly means many people trying it out. What it will do, however, is make certain in-game changes available from the store and thus giving them their money.

The Croods was originally an animation movie that has just come out on October the 2nd. It went straight to DVD, but is one of the most popular movies to not have made it to the big screen. This could largely be attributed to the application being for the younger generation because it is based on a computer generated animation and rated for children. The up side of that is if you take into account the earnings that come through gaming revenue from the same kids it hasn’t lost as much money for not making it to the cinema.

Download the latest version here.

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