This is a free download which you can pick up the latest Google Search 2.8.7 APK. Now why would I want to go and do a thing like that? There’s been a lot of rumbles in the Google search department lately and if you want the latest version in the form of an app for your Android phone or tablet then this is what you want to install.

Applications always have bugs inside of them and when there is a newer version of an app, it is always a good idea to download it because it will most likely contain some of these extra fixes put in place.

Google Speak now

Certain blogs have managed to come up with a scoop on how this new build has been better made for TV programming in terms of the results you see in SERP’s. Moreover, it has a detection card that included a live broadcast channel. There has also been rumors of this also including the recording side of things from live detection, where it never used to have the options in the past.

This feature may only be available to those who are running an operating system of Android jelly Bean 4.1 or above. The reason being is because that was the required amount last time that gave the only broadcasting options back then. There’s a good chance that there is something inside of that firmware that’s needed to get the live feed working.

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