Gmail is Google’s own mailing service and it is available on every platform you could think of, from computers all the way through to your mobile phones. In fact, when you buy a new Android phone, because they are owned by Google, Android will urge you to set up a Gmail account. This isn’t out of necessity, it’s just them wanting you to use their mailing service.

Today a new version 4.6 APK is available for Android only. It is free to download and will upgrade your mailing list to the latest version possible.



There are some changes to the appearance of the app, which you will instantly pick up on if you remember the old one. While on the topic of appearance, Android also made a change to the way the contact photos look. The navigation is also changed, and you will see a new checkbox on top of the photo after you click on it. This has taken over from the old way of doing it.

On top of the new features you will be presented with some smaller tweaks to the service, plus a bunch of bug fixes.

In early October there were rumors of ads coming to the Gmail up. I can confirm that this has not yet taken place and isn’t found inside of this version if you download it. Those whispers, if proven true, will take some time before they are released in another version of the Gmail app.

Download the 4.6 version of the Gmail app from this link.

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