Tesla stock price on 11/13/2022Some big tech stocks are more appealing than others to buy on any given week. Right now it is Tesla that looks the most appealing out of large-cap tech.

Google saw a big green candle stick from $87.02 to $97.26 this week, but Tesla didn’t experience a green dance stick at all. One of the reasons Tesla was lagging was because of Twitter’s problems in sorting out how it plans to become profitable with its new blue checkmark subscription service.

There is no reason for the Twitter stock to affect Tesla’s stock price, but since Elon is the boss of Twitter, so far we have seen Tesla stock get hurt when Twitter is having a difficult time.

Some believe the stock market could continue to rise in general until the next inflation report due out on December 13. And if that inflation report were to be negative, the stocks would then continue their downtrend. If stocks do continue to rise over the next month, Tesla could be poised to breakout given how little it rose this week.

Image credit: FinViz