Over the past few weeks we’ve shown our readers many iPhone 6 mockups, fakes, concepts and even potential leaks. Each end every one of them had a characteristic in common and that was a dark colored body even if their designs were radically modified. Today we have something completely different to show and it is a teal blue iPhone 6 render.

The site that first broke these photos is Chinese Wei Feng (translated thanks to Among tech) and although I have no idea what that signifies I do know that they are saying this design has leaked from Foxcoon. Yes, the same Foxconn that Apple contracts to do work for them when developing the flagship every year over in China.

Now that is not to say that what we are looking at is real. It is saying that they are acting as if it is real according to them and not just a mock-up that we have to guess. The renders show the dimensions of 138 x 67 mm and what I do like about this picture is how thin it looks. When assessing the other images I was skeptical with all of them because they didn’t look like they had advanced any compared to the past. We always see the fruit company make advancements on design if nothing else.

If I take you back to the last lot of leaks that were said to be used for the case manufacturer to make cases for it looks like that could be made slightly thicker on purpose to make the case bigger. Now what we see here looks more like what I would expect to see from the iPhone 6 in terms of thinness compared to the black leak.

Anyway, right now there is no telling exactly what Apple will bring to us in just a few months time. If I recollect accurately leading up to the Galaxy S5 launch I witnessed many different concepts and alleged leaks that ended up being away to futuristic compared to the real thing. The design was also a lot different. The cover with the holes in it caused lots of trouble too because many people did not like it. The head of the Samsung smartphone design team was then fired. There is still many weeks in the lead up to the eventual launch. Each time they likely will lead us closer to the real thing. It is the best vision we have seen so far, but we still have a lengthy way to go and things will change once more. For now, I am getting excited about the possibility of a much slimmer smartphone from the Cupertino company this year if this render is anything to go on in terms of how it will look.

More importantly these renders are not real photos. Graphics design on computers makes them. For all, we know the teal blue color could have been added to emphasise the shape or a similar reason. Just because these images show that teal color does not mean Apple have this in mind to release it that way.