Apple is very much a business focused around trends. For example, me as well as every other keen blogger, knew that the iPhone 5S would come with new features because that has been the trend. The number up (5) has a completely new look and the letter “S” up comes with the feature. We cottoned onto this already. We can say the same thing for the release dates which always have been in September. However, according to reports from the homeland of Taiwan, this year is going to be earlier than September.

The reason for the sudden change could have a lot to do with this being a big year for Apple and by big I mean the release of many things. If it were to be in September that doesn’t leave much time in the year of the eventual release of other products most notably this year the Smartwatch that has not been an option in the previous year. If the famous Cupertino company does push the iPhone 6 release a month earlier in August then that opens up another month of time to squeeze in the watch. Along the same lines: people need to have enough money saved up to buy these gadgets. It might be all well and good that Apple can release it in time, but who among us is going to have the spare money already to afford what they are offering. It is only polite to give us more time so we do not go bankrupt in the process.

The fruit company was under heavy scrutiny over the past year because they failed to do anything significant over that time that resulted in people witnessing a new product. People want new features, and Apple has the module of creating this every two years, but if there isn’t a “wow” factor with them then that is not enough. The iWatch will be exactly that and I have no doubts after seeing how successful Android Wear’s launch was. But as usual, Android have just showed the product line and then seemingly disappeared in the mean time and that Is a trait I do not like about them. Nothing is clear or precise and there ‘re a million bits of everything flying around that nobody understands. At least with Apple it is very straight down the line and they pack so much advertising and information centered around the launch and release that you are not going to miss a beat.

The last word there also holds a set amount of significance if they do acquire Dr. Dre’s Beats music label because the main thing with it is the music streaming service that also comes along with it.

By the end of 2014, I am expecting to see an iPhone 6, a new larger phablet 5.5-inch sized smartphone, an iPad, iPad mini, Apple TV and the iWatch all launch. That is a lot to fit in around 6 months.

I am predicting a bounce back year for Apple and showing who’s boss of the whole smartphone scene after Android has been picking at them little by little every year since 2010. Some of my friends are even thinking about forgetting about the current iPhone 5C plan and not waiting until next year when their plans will naturally come to an end. That results in a lot more money being spent, but that is a sign of how strongly an influence Apple is having right now. You can bet that the chaps sitting in Mountain View California around the Googleplex are kicking themselves Dr. Dre could be the next senior executive of the fruit company and not the little green robot. That is marketing, especially in the US, that it tough to beat.