T-Mobile is officially the next phone carrier up to get the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update over the air for owners of the LG G Flex. On the third of this month, I wrote that Sprint was the first carrier getting the same update. I also went into lots of depth about what the update involves and it will be the same situation here.

The biggest feature that I talked about was the Knock Code. Using this new inclusion lets owners “knock” (or tap) to unlock it. However, it is only restricted to unlocking and no locking just yet. The reason they say knock is because it requires many quick taps in quick succession and it mimics a person knocking on the door. Android is the first software company to implement this in any OS for mobile phones. We recently reviewed a similar idea for the Apple iPhone you can see here, but that is only available as a Cydia tweak called “Smart tap” and not through iOS 7 updates themselves.

LG G Flex KitKat

To be honest, that is why we love Android, they do not just keep things at a professional level and they make these other cool, interesting and fun features. Another good example of this is a “game” they’ve included. By going to Settings > Firmware Version > and to tap on the build number it will bring up the letter “K.” If you press the screen it will spin around in circles, keep tapping it and it will turn into a giant KitKat billboard that mimics the old fashioned chocolate bar. How cool is that? Click on that screen once again and it will take you through to awesome graphics of all the past Android software version such as Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, Honeycomb and more. These are all pieced together to make the giant Kitkat puzzle. You just wouldn’t find anything like it inside of Apple smartphones.

According to T-Mobile, all users should not start installing the OTA update unless they have 50% battery power remaining in on their handsets first. It is to ensure it does not turn off during the process. If it does turn off during it, because it is an official firmware it will not cause too much of an issue other than the fact that it will need to be redone all again and, therefore, you just wasted time.

If you do not know how to check for OTA updates navigate to Settings > About Phone > System Updates and check for updates here. Now keep pressing the screen where it says to do so and it will begin installing. It is always a good idea to carry these out using the home WiFi connection instead of the mobile data if you are on a limit that most of us are. Save that for your web browsing so you do not run out.

It will also have the other features such as a camera icon accessible from the lock-screen. The status bar will be all white now to make it easier to see and give it more of a KitKat feel. The notification area has also been upgraded. The new “Immersive Mode” now goes full screen and hides notification when watching apps or video. The ROM itself is faster and has better performance. Those a just a few of the more notable areas that you should find useful.

After you update we would love to see some comments appear about what people think of it if there is anything they have noticed they we have not. Or even if anybody is having trouble shoot us a comment and we will help out.