White Galaxy S5Things are now starting to get serious on the Samsung Galaxy S5 front. We just finished writing on Sprints pricing plans, and now we have an official unboxing video of the Galaxy S5 by T-Mobile representatives!

If we do the math using the monthly costs T-Mobile is asking for on the plan, it works out as $10 more expensive than Sprint are offering. Both phone carriers are still releasing the smartphones on the 11th of April.

By now we feel we are very well-informed on what to expect when this years flagship for Samsung is released. There’s nothing special that will get consumers out of your seats, but it promises to be a truly special device that is better than what we saw last year. The standout feature is the fingerprint sensor that unlocks the pass code by putting your finger over the button instead of typing in a code. Of course, we have already seen Apple release the iPhone 5S a long time ago now with this technology, but only this year are the others catching up. HTC will also do the same thing with their “All New One” phone.

Des from T-Mobile is inside of one of the T-Mobile stores and will run through the specs that it has when the video begins. He promises that the screen does look amazing. We’ve mentioned before that this phone does have an amazing screen resolution and pixel density, which is what he is talking about here.

The phone he pulls out of the cardboard box is the “shimmery white”, and it does give off a glow. Underneath the phone, inside of the box, is the T-Mobile SIM card tucked away nicely. Look for the little chip inside of the card that needs to be carefully pulled or cut out. Underneath that again is the “welcome” starter kit/manual that everybody can use, should owners wish to follow a guide. If you have already owned many smartphones over the years, you can skip that step. There’s also a merchandise return slip if it needs to be returned because something is faulty. The charging cable is white and has its own lid inside of the box. Next to it is the charger itself and the battery. When inserting the battery you will see the water resistance extra layer of cover. That is the special secret that will keep your phones dry this year.

If I’m honest, I do not like the look of the back plate. The area around the camera sticks out and to me it is ugly. This will have to do with the 16 megapixel camera, and the way it works with the heart rate monitor situated just below it, so for now it is the best Sammy could come up with by way of design, but I hope they can flatten it out again in the future.

The first screen says Samsung Galaxy S5 and there is a “powered by Android” logo down the bottom. It is all done in a very light gray or white, and the background is black. It looks very cool. From there, he takes us through all the ports and different things attached on the top of the Smartphone like the IR port for the “smart remote” and we’ll let Des show the rest of the goodies.

This is not the first time the world has seen this phone. It was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February. Samsung has a waiting period in between launching and releasing which is why we are seeing this now. This is the first time we’ve seen an official unboxing video so thanks to T-Mobile for allowing us to see that from inside their store. Also, a very big thank you to the man behind the camera, Des, for doing the video.