As long as you are a subscriber to the T-Mobile carrier network you will see a newfangled software in the United States arriving as a system alert to the notification bar. The new update is namely P607TUVUANI1 and it will upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE 2014 with the latest Android 4.4.4 KitKat. Of course, we know the days of Android 5.0 Lollipop are well among us, but that won’t stop phone carriers from continuing the support for our previous chocolate software since there are many bugs still to be addressed. However, since we know that all carriers are lining up and booking the new Lollipop, we suspect this could be the last phases we see before the giant jump up to 5.0 with additional features such as the all-new material design with 3D effects, new lock screen appearance and a revamped notifications system.

Why you'll love KitKat

We cannot inform our readers what comes inside the P607TUVUANI1 software since T-Mobile did not issue a change log. However, that tells us that it won’t carry much weight. We know Android 4.4.4 comes with a few font changes, revamped phone dialer and security patches for the OpenSSL security problems that were faced after the 4.4.3 software created them. We predict some additional bug fixes and relief coming in for users as Sammy have been consistently rolling them out and not updating to numbers before they do.

Users can always stop over at the Settings menu and tap the ‘About Device’ option followed by ‘System Updates’ and ‘Check For Updates’ to see if the new firmware is available for downloading immediately. Otherwise you can wait for the automatic message to arrive as a notification. Just remember that each person will notice it arriving at different times since they rollout in stages and one at a time. T-Mobile process the sequence behind closed doors and none of us can hone in one when that time is for you. Nevertheless, keep your eyes peeled since the end date should be no later than a week or so from today.

We always advise users take the time to make full backups of the OS and data. Backup the phone contacts, pictures, music, video files and all other data using an application from Google Play such as Helium. Try downloading Titanium Backup if you have root access. Moreover, rooted users will chain the OS all over again and need to re-apply the unlocking phase after they patch official stock software updates. if you don’t delve into any customization techniques none of that will concern you anyhow.

Shoot us a message and tell us what you think along with what you found in the new iteration. Did the fixes come in for your known bugs or are they still lingering?

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