Last years flagship smartphone under the HTC name is set for a future Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA release as we celebrate the new year. Sometime during January is when the One M7 will reportedly start rolling out the update to selected devices under last years name. From November through to February will be an extraordinarily busy time as lots of smartphones find the new software coming for them. The M7 is nicely slotted in behind this years One M8 and the Google Play Edition M7 since it comes under the Google name.

As you know, the Google company always look after their own handsets first and that’s why we are seeing the software arrive for the new Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet before anything else. Additionally, the GPE handsets come next from there. Expect the older handsets to find the over the air signals fractionally later than the newer since it only makes sense to support the people who bothered to upgrade their hardware first.

Android 5.0

Before you get upset, you should understand that the Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets developers a Sense 6.0 UI in the latest firmware. Therefore, they must put in additional work and combine the two technologies together and that time. That’s one downside to remember as we head into 2015 and you may start thinking about ordering a up-to-the-minute phone.

Furthermore, if you know anyone with the fresh M8 it might be worthwhile paying them a visit over the Christmas break as we suspect that it will be already installed on most devices before Christmas Day. However, no exact dates are given as we still need to process the software through testing phases that are carried out by each phone carrier network and manufacturer.

Lollipop for Android comes with a great deal of newfangled features including a vastly improved battery saver mode, material design, new lock screen and notifications and more. The material design will be the one features most are watching as it creates a “flat 3D” effect that further enhances ripples, animations, shadows and colors to bring the screen to life-like we haven’t seen any display before. All of that coming from the software coupled with the existing Quad HD displays that we are witnessing on many smartphones already will make for an amazing visual experience.

The final stages of KitKat have left a lot to be desired feature-wise and the innovative candy variant will be a welcomed surprise. There’s been nothing to admire apart from a revamped phone dial in the last 4.4.4 KitKat.


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