A pristine software update is rolling out now for the LG G2 smartphone for the Sprint carrier network subscribers around the United States. The new ZVE firmware version comes with LTE improvements, Google security patch and HD voice enhancements. The update started rolling on the 21st and you can read the official change-log from Sprint on this page. Moreover, it marks the 6th successful upgrade to the system this year for the G2 smartphone. The ZV7, ZV8, ZVA, ZVB and ZVD updates are the predecessors.

You should understand that the updates roll out in different phases to everyone and can take numerous days to reach everyone waiting. Additionally, you want to connect with a stable home WiFi connection instead of using the mobile data where possible. Mobile data will come off your usual plan allowance and the high traffic from other download’s can result in a less-stable connection. That makes you more prone to factory reset requirements which can lead to data loss.


Some users are reporting that this firmware comes with the famous knock code feature. Android developed the fun knock code idea earlier this year where you can tap on the display to unlock the phone instead of entering the pin code. Furthermore, they rolled out another update that let users lock the device back up by tapping. We don’t know if the latter is working at this stage. According to the official Sprint page, the knock feature comes with the past ZVD build as displayed on the chart.

Android 4.4.2 KitKat is recognized for having the most features out of any KitKat update after the initial jump from Jelly bean. With it people will find wireless printing, extra Emoji faces, landscape keyboard improvements, updated Easter Eggs with the new label, immersive mode and album art from the lock screen.

It’s a first-class idea to make copies of the phone contacts, videos, pictures, settings and all other¬† impressionable¬†data just in case a factory reset situation is imminent. However, if everything goes well there’s no data loss involved with installing official firmware updates.

Subscribers can always head over to the Settings menu and tap on the “About Device” selection followed by “Software Updates” and “Check For Updates”. Correspondingly, if you were away from home with the OTA signals came in, you want to follow this path for the installation at a later date since it won’t come back automatically.

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