The T-Mobile version of the HTC One has just received an update today. This build is a big one for owners to look out for over the air as it comes as a 247 MB package. That could be one of the biggest upgrades in terms of sheer memory size that I’ve ever seen.

It’s a bit disappointing when looking into what comes with it. For all that size you would have thought some super cool new feature was in store, but it isn’t. What you do get, however, is a nice LTE upgrade which I guess is a bit like a new thing to play with since it is fairly new to begin with. You can also expect the usual stability improvements and bug fixes.

The flyer that came along with this, says users can expect this update to end up in their settings any time between and now the date ending August 9. That gives you roughly a two-week window that you might have to wait. There is also a side load option to do it.

This update has the build number of 1.27.531.11 and will give its users Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean once you install it. As usual, we will try to come up with the guide for those looking to do it manually, although at this point we’re not sure how regional specific this update was. What we do know is that a manual option is not yet available.

Did you know? The HTC One now has its own audio dock by Gramohom II, specifically made for artists. Because of its success there was also a Mini and a Max version made which was revealed at the FCC exhibition. Many people didn’t originally like the Max one because it was so big. That seems to have changed since, with big things definitely being in now, and it could continue that way as we see wearable technology come into play which would take over the things that you need a small device for. Also set to aid the larger handsets is the amazing resolutions set to come in. These can only really be appreciated from a closer range.