This device is called the ‘Active’ because it is made with the thought of active people who enjoy the great outdoors. How do you put that into a smart phone? Well, you don’t, but what you can do is make it so that it doesn’t break easily, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. Combine that with still the premium features we have come to know and love in the Galaxy S4, and you’re left with a rather unusual device. It’s not every day phone built like a tank are also for high-end spec buyers. Having said that, the way the market is going we are seeing really definitive devices being carried out of manufacturers which I guess is great to see. As a consumer, you certainly can’t complain about companies looking after your every need can you?

The S4 Active doesn’t just have close to the best specs either, it comes with the best of the best like a true flagship phone. It’s really impressive and unique. I am for one, hanging out to see how this thing sells.

OK, so assuming you’ve already bought one, and that’s why you’re here, Samsung have rolled out an update for it so its users can get in on the latest Android jelly Bean. The jelly Bean I’m talking about is 4.2.2. Even though we have seen several leaks of an upgrade on top of that, it most certainly is not out for this device yet.

Oh, there is better out there? Should I wait for it? No, it will most likely be some time before it does the rounds properly. If I were you are reading this any time remotely soon after the published date which you can see under the title, I would still upgrade using this guide. After all, I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing it would I.

Anything to note before I start? Yes. This is an official update. Although we love the custom stuff as much as anyone, we understand many users are a bit iffy about it still. That’s fine because you don’t have to worry here. You won’t be voiding anything or have any issues of the sort.

The USB charging feature that comes standard should provide you with enough juice once plugged into the computer, notebook or laptop. However, in the slight chance that USB charging is not working on your unit please make sure you have at least 50% battery power remaining before starting the guide. Turn the phone on and look at the battery icon located in the status bar to see how much is left.

You must get hold of the Galaxy S4 Active I9295 USB drivers before starting the steps. Furthermore, the USB debugging mode must be enabled from the Developer Options menu.

Install VJUAMG2 Android 4.2.2 Official Jelly Bean Firmware On The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active I9295

1. Download I9295VJUAMG2 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Firmware and ODIN 3.07. Extract the files to the desktop of the C: Drive.

2. Shut the phone off and boot it up into download mode.

3. Run the ODIN that you downloaded.

If you are having issues it could be either one of two things. You do not have administrator permissions or the device is not being recognized. If it is the latter this generally happens because of incorrect drivers.

4. Plug the phone into the computer via USB.

5. Click the PDA tab inside ODIN and upload the tar.md5 file from the package you downloaded in step 1.

– You should also see a phone button. Put the modem file here.

– Underneath the phone is another button called CSC. Put the CSC file in here.

– Now if we look right up the top you will see a pit button. This is where the pit file goes, only if there is one.

Check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time box options. To the left of the side is a bunch of options. There will be another re-partition worded here. Mark this box is you did use the pit file.

Click the start button.

It will reboot itself when it is complete. The process can take 10-15 minutes before it is finished. It may also take a few minutes to reboot

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