T-Mobile subscribers are witnessing many updates to their collection of smartphones lately, advancing them to the later stages of KitKat. The Samsung Galaxy Avant is one of those and it gets a fresh Android 4.4.2 update rolling out over the air and arriving as system notification. Device owners can either wait for the message to arrive and install the software update right away or navigate to the Applications > Settings > About > System Updates > Check For Updates.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a stable home WIFi network to connect the smartphone with, you should try logging into the Samsung Kies account from a Windows-based PC and installing the software that way instead. In that manner you bypass the mobile data traffic that often results in a less stable connection, added data fees and an overall slower experience.

Galaxy Avant

The recent up-to-date firmware comes with the build number of G386TUVU1ANHA. We know it transports 103 MB of data with it. As a result, you’ll need that much data spare to successfully install the upgrade. A file of that size isn’t gigantic; therefore we know that it is a marginal update with few features. However, it does have one feature worth noting. It’s called in-flight texting and it’s doing the rounds to many of T-Mo’s handsets to stay updated with the recent laws passed that allows greater mobile phone usage when up in the clouds. What’s more, the text messages come free of any charges for all users. That means you can use the phone to send texts using the native message apps for free as you would on the ground. Additionally, the firmware comes with bug fixes and performance enhancements, making it outshine the last version.

To recap, if you are a frequent flyer and own the Avant you have a substantial reason to start installing this software. Other owners who are suffering from bugs in the OS will be happy here too. Hopefully the fix is in for you. Most phone carriers don’t address what fixes are applied specifically and that’s the case here again. The same in-flight text feature is rolling out, for the LG G3, HTC One M8, HTc One M7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Once mounted, owners can verify the pristine build is working by navigating to Applications > Settings > About > Software Information > Software Number. Moreover, we know that the file is available for the manual download if you prefer not to wait for the arrival to occur automatically.