Last years HTC One M7 flagship smartphone is accepting a renewed Android 4.4.3 KitKat software update, namely build number 6.10.531.9. The software update is strictly rolling out to T-Mobile subscribers in the United States and won’t find its way to the other phone carriers it competes with. However, other carriers may find a fresh installment coming their way under a different number.

We are lucky enough to see the official support document this time providing us with the change-log. You should know that the replacement firmware comes with several patches including the free text in-flight support feature. As you may know, smartphones traditionally come with a “flight mode’ that limits the features people use from the smartphone interface. However, in recent weeks new laws are passing through dramatically changing the way people use mobiles when in the air now. With the new laws people can connect to WiFi much more frequent than previous¬†laws allowed. In addition T-Mobile is taking the initiative to help people make the most of it already with free texts.

One M7

Subscribers to the T-Mobile network will also get the bug fixes and performance improvements that come with the regular 4.4.3 KitKat update that other phones receive. Routinely, the update rolls out in stages to all devices around the country at different times. Some people will notice a notification alerting them today and others will wait several days before the notice it. As usual, we recommend installing the new firmware using a WiFi connection to avoid mobile data traffic from others applying the same update. That traffic also results in a less stable connection, making you prone to requiring a factory reset.

Comments are flooding in from other blogs from phone owners who are suffering severely from others bugs such as music skipping issues and phone calls dropping out when using the WiFi signal. We know that the new release comes with bug fixes, but they don’t go into detail about what bugs are the ones getting fixed. If you are downloading this update and installing it on your handset please leave a comment with what fixes you are noticing.

Confirm the update is working by navigating your way to Applications > Settings > About > Software Information > Software Number. Furthermore, if you see the notification arriving, but wish to install it later on you need to stop over at Settings > About > Software Update > Check For Updates.