Arrival stock on April 18, 2023We have seen the first signs of strong demand after Arrival’s reverse stock split, signaling that the electric vehicle maker’s stock could have bottomed now for those with a short-term investment horizon.

The last thing I wanted to hear was that Arrival was doing a reverse stock split; big moments like that generally are met with negative sentiment and often people pull out their money from the market during such uncertain times. But if you had your money on Arrival already, you didn’t want to pull it out. Instead, I recommend waiting for the price to rise again.

Arrival’s stock dropped from roughly $7 pre-stock split to around $4. However, given how low the market cap is (86.69M) these big drops can happen, and they’re usually temporary drops you need to wait out because they can turn around quickly and the upside is immense.

Once Arrival stock dropped to $4, it saw its highest demand day since it went on a run from $7.23 to $46.99 in early to mid-January. And before that couple of days of extremely high demand, there is no other green day that has had more demand than yesterday. So I’m very bullish that this is Arrival’s stock price reversal. It won’t necessarily go up well above $7-10 until there is a catalyst for that type of price action, but you don’t want to miss it either because it can come quickly and a lot of the upward price can happen pre-market. I’m keeping my money on Arrival until it x10’s its current price at least. And if I have to wait 6 months or more, that’s what I’ll do. I’m sure it’s coming eventually.

Arrival stock has an insider ownership of +49.84%, a short float ratio of 7.24%, and an RSI of 23.29.

Image credit: FinViz