Google stock price on April 18, 2023Meet Kevin on YouTube is reporting that Google could build a new search engine powered by AI to try to regain control of its search engine dominance. This suggests that Bing may have more in store for us than just ChatGPT integration and Google may be looking well beyond their ChatGPT competitor, Bard.

This follows reports that Samsung is considering switching Google for Bing as its default search engine on all Samsung smartphones. Though Samsung phones run Android, the manufacturer does have the option to customize the operating system. Default search engines are critical to search engine dominance as most people use the browser that is given to them to use regardless if they have the chance to download an alternative from the Google Play Store.

If Google were to no longer be the default search engine on Samsung, they would still have the chance to win back users by prompting Android users to consider making Google the default search engine. However, we are yet to see a mobile operating system replace an existing app on the home screen with another option after such a prompt. It’s definitely possible for Google to do though since they have full control of Android.

As for Google’s stock, I have mixed feelings. It still looks like a good investment for those with a long-term investment horizon. Google’s insider transactions are up 408.77% in the last 6 months and its short float is only 0.58%. However, its P/E of 22.45 and forward P/E of 17.59 no longer look cheap for now, especially if this bear market is not over and given all the uncertainty surrounding Google’s position in AI and search dominance. When it comes to stock prices, they usually decline on uncertainty.

Image credit: FinViz