At the beginning of the year, Microsoft released Sticky Notes 3.0, which brought with it many new features that made it overall a vastly superior app over its predecessor. We covered Sticky Notes 3.6 a lot in previous articles; now Microsoft has updated Sticky Notes to version 3.7. Sticky Notes 3.7 has a couple of new features: the Windows Ink insights have returned and handwriting analysis on Windows 10 PCs. Apart from that, there are some bug fixes and basic performance improvements.

The original Sticky Notes application as soon as Windows 10 came out was a desktop app. It had been that way since it stopped being a gadget in Windows Vista and was instead developed as a standalone app.

However, since the Windows Anniversary update, which was the first major update Microsoft released for Windows 10 exactly a year after its initial release, Sticky Notes had been developed to become a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app.

In addition to Cortana reminders, you also get a much nicer interface as soon as you open the app. The new interface allows you to instantly view several of your saved notes from days past, and they’re in different colors so they are obvious, as well as search for older notes.

Another feature that is coming in Sticky Notes 3.0 is the chance to sync notes between devices. The interface of Sticky Notes still lacks the right layout for mass adoption, and thus, we don’t predict that many people will use it over other apps such as Google Keep. But if it is to stay relevant with its competitors adding the option to sync between devices was critical.

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