There’s nothing more annoying than getting instant messages and calls from someone and you can’t do anything to stop them. Its long been a problem for many iPhone user’s, however, now there is a solution and it comes in the way of the SMSNinja.

If you go searching the official app store, still to this day you wont find anything.SMSNinja  is a tweak and a beautiful one at that. It was created by a man named Snakeninny. The tweak lets you block anything you want, from instant SMS messages to phone calls and even MMS and more.


No matter what year it is, the annoying no life’s never seem to change. No matter what circle of friends you hang around, you’ll likely find someone who is having some kind of phone harassment issue. That’s why this app is so perfect.

SMSNinja is really simple to use. After installing it an icon will appear in your springboard. Just press the icon as you normally would with any other, to launch the tweak. Once your inside everything will automatically be set up for you, however, you do have several options to pick and choose from to choose exactly how you want it set up.

This tweak is available from the Cydia store under the Big Boss repository and of course it’s for free like most tweaks.

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